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How to Report a Problem at Villa Frontera

There are several methods of reporting a problem that needs to be addressed. First, you may contact the associations management company, Condominium Management Company (CMC). CMC can be phoned at (714) 634-0611 and ask for the Villa Frontera representative. You may also attend a board meeting and report to the board what your concerns are. You may also fill in this form and a maintenance committee team member will be contacting you. (Please Note that if you choose to report your issue to the board DO NOT go in with a hostile attitude threatening lawsuits or that they better fix your problem in the next ten minutes.) FIXING A PROBLEM takes time to complete and may require the purchase of materials or scheduling of a contractor. It is rather disappointing to see a homeowner who comes in stating they have had a problem for years and the association has never fixed the problem. The board will then ask the homeowner when they reported the problem. The homeowner then reluctantly states that they have never reported the problem. IF YOU DON'T REPORT ISSUES THEY WILL NOT GET FIXED!

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