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The community pool area is located on Jackson street beside the clubhouse. This central location makes access convenient to all homes in Villa Frontera. There is a large pool that is 8 foot to 3 foot in depth were pool visitors can practice diving entry and will accommodate larger children. For toddlers and smaller children there is a small wading pool.

The Villa Frontera pool area is (typically) open from 10am to 10pm Monday through Sunday. This is a wonderful area to just relax and enjoy a cool dip, sunbath, and swim. There are tables with benches and umbrellas and recliner lounge chairs for all to use.

Snacks are permitted in the pool area but it you are not allowed to actually eat while in the pool. For safety, visitors are not permitted to bring glass into the pool area (something non-breakable please).

Since there is NO lifeguard on duty children under 14 are not permitted without adult supervision and being respectful of others is always in fashion.

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