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Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Frontera
This section is designed as an unofficial guide to common questions that might be asked by someone not familiar with Villa Frontera. If you are a new resident, considering purchasing or those residents who just might not know this section if for you.

Q: How much are association dues?
A: Currently association dues are $252.00 per month per residence

Q: What day is trash day?
A: Trash day is Thursday (except after a holiday, then the following day)

Q: How many homes are at Villa Frontera?
A: There are 160

Q: Do I pay for my own water?
A:Water is paid for by the community. You will not receive a personal water bill

Q: How do I rent the clubhouse?
A: Contact a member of the board of directors for reservations.

Q: Is the pool heated all year long?
A: No, the pool is only heated during the summer. You are welcome to swim in the unheated water year round.

Q: Can I park my car on my driveway?
A: NO! Only six units in the complex have driveways large enough to meet fire regulations for longer term parking. You may park on the driveway for loading and unloading purposes. Please remember your neighbors, while you are parking for YOUR convienience you may be blocking free access by a neighbor. Keep the time as short as possible.

Q: I'm not real bright, if I break the rules of the community will I still get fined?
A: YES, It is the responsibility of each member of the community to follow the rules. Ignorance is not a reasonable excuse. Each homeowner is also responsible to make sure that your guests or tenants know the rules also. The rules are for the betterment of all, when you do not follow the rules you are infringing on the rights of your neighbors. Be a good neighbor!

Q: Is this the official website for Villa Frontera?
A: No, this website was created to help inform others about, the features and amenities of the Villa Frontera community.

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